The Best Tires for Toyota Tacoma: 2019 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

The Toyota Tacoma remains a bestseller for many reasons. It’s one of the most dependable and reliable pickup trucks you can buy today. But another reason is the brute styling. Toyota is offering the Tacoma in a plethora of variants, but all of them have a distinctive Japanese off-road flair. And like most American trucks, the Tacoma is sold in extended cab and crew cab versions with a 6.1-foot or 5-foot bed, respectively.

But if you want the Tacoma to perform its best, it needs a good and dependable set of tires as well. Unfortunately, that’s where the problem begins. New tires are not cheap to begin with, and there are many brands competing for your business. In this article, we listed the best OEM tires for the Toyota Tacoma, but we didn’t stop there.

We also included a shortlist of best cheap tires. And when we say cheap, we also mean cheerful. We understand tires are an expensive purchase, and every buyer is looking for ways to stretch their dollars. You don’t need big money to enjoy better tires. Our best cheap Tacoma tires list is proof of that.

Best Tires for Toyota Tacoma

What type of tire is best for my Toyota Tacoma?

When it comes to pickup trucks, you basically have two choices: all-terrain (A/T) or highway terrain (H/T) tires. After figuring this out, it’s all about choosing brands or which gives the best value for money.

All-terrain tires or knobby tires have large and aggressive tread blocks. These tires are great for a combination of street and off-road driving. Back in the days, A/T tires were basically like penalty boxes. They were great over sand, rocks, or dirt, but will break your back and make you go deaf on smooth roads.

But now, A/T tires are different. With the use of new tread designs and rubber compounds, hybrid A/T tires are now capable of behaving like a touring tire over smooth roads. If your Toyota Tacoma has a dual personality, better give it some nice A/T tires so you can go off-roading without changing the rollers.

However, there are pickup owners who do most of their driving on normal, paved roads. If this is the case, try looking for highway-terrain or H/T tires. Some hybrid H/T tires offer light off-road capabilities with enhanced comfort and road silence, but H/T tires are basically more refined than A/T tires.

The Best Tires for Toyota Tacoma

1. BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2

Best Tires for Toyota Tacoma

Your Tacoma will have an instant styling makeover with the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2. This tire is perfectly suited for both on-road and off-road applications despite the rugged and aggressive tread blocks. But the chunky nature of this tire also means superior go-anywhere traction and all-weather capabilities. BFGoodrich chose a cut, tear, and chip-resistant tread compound for the T/A KO2. In fact, the rubber compound is up to two times more durable and wear-resistant than the first-generation T/A KO. The high-void all-terrain tread pattern has interlocking tread blocks to offer solid traction and grip on a variety of solid and loose surfaces. The multitude of sipes is engineered to provide more biting edges while still providing a quiet and stable ride on the highway.

The BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 also features a sidewall armor in the upper shoulder. It’s constructed from a compound twice as thick as the first-gen tire. With a serrated shoulder design that offers more traction when the tire is aired down, the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 is a rugged tire for your rugged lifestyle.

But there’s a small problem: these tires are expensive at above $200 each for a set of LT265/65/R17. It’s not exactly a great choice if you’re working with a smaller budget. But if you can afford it, you’ll find out why this is one of the best tires for the Toyota Tacoma.


  • Rugged design
  • Extra durable construction
  • Comfortable ride
  • Solid traction on both dry and wet pavement
  • Relatively silent ride
  • Ideal for mud and snow
  • Raised white letters on the sidewall for added style


  • It’s an expensive choice

2. Goodyear Wrangler TrailRunner AT

Best Tires for Toyota Tacoma

Goodyear’s Wrangler TrailRunner AT is also an excellent choice for your Toyota Tacoma. However, this is a less rugged and less capable version of the BFGoodrich. For instance, the TrailRunner AT is not rated for severe snow or mud, whereas the BFGoodrich is M+S rated. But then again, the Goodyear starts at a much lower price than the BFGoodrich. Although both are A/T tires, the Goodyear TrailRunner AT is still capable in light to medium off-roading.

And since it has less chunky tread blocks, it also means a higher level of ride comfort and road silence in highway driving. The same holds true for tire wear. Goodyear utilized a durable tear-resistant rubber compound and symmetric tread design. The optimized tread pattern enhances tread life while promoting even wear. But with saw-tooth block edges and multi-angle sipes, this tire offers tremendous grip over loose surfaces, light mud, and moderate snowfall.

If comfort, durability, and silence are what you’re looking for in an A/T tire, check our Goodyear’s Wrangler TrailRunner AT.


  • Less aggressive yet more refined
  • Comfortable and quiet on the highway
  • Relentless traction and grip
  • Good on snowy and wet pavement
  • Stable handling
  • Friendly price


  • Not applicable for deep snow or mud

3. Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo 3

Best Tires for Toyota Tacoma

Similar to the Goodyear, Bridgestone’s Dueler A/T Revo 3 is a hybrid tire. It combines solid highway comfort and a silent ride with confident performance whether on or off-road. However, the Bridgestone is more rugged than the Goodyear. With deep initial treads, wide circumferential grooves, open shoulder blocks, and staggered shoulder lugs, this tire transitions flawlessly from the highway to the nearest off-road trail without skipping a beat.

It all starts with a durable and tear-resistant all-terrain rubber compound. The symmetric tread design is computer optimized to resist irregular wear. The Dueler A/T Revo 3 comes with strong shoulders with stabilizing tread blocks to offer better handling on the highway and better response on rougher roads. The shoulder lugs have 3D steps that hunt for available traction in loose or soft terrain. It also has Bridgestone’s Traction Claw Technology to literally dig deep into dirt, mud, or snow.

Wet performance is one of the best attributes of this tire. Credit goes to the deep circumferential grooves and open shoulder slots which channel water away from the contact patch. The Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo 3 is one of the best on/off-road all-terrain tires for the Toyota Tacoma, and there’s no doubting that.


  • Aggressive style
  • Chunky tread blocks offer superior on/off-road traction
  • Comfortable and quiet highway ride
  • Longer wear
  • Superior performance over wet and snowy roads


  • It’s expensive

4. Michelin LTX A/T2

Best Tires for Toyota Tacoma

If only the Michelin LTX A/T2 wasn’t too expensive, it could have been on top of this list. But with prices starting at around $230 each, we can’t help but look elsewhere. But similar to the BFGoodrich and Bridgestone, the Michelin LTX A/T2 is a superb tire if you can afford it. Mind you, this tire is a hybrid combination of an A/T and H/T tire, but it has more H/T tire DNA to offer year-round and all-weather comfort.

In fact, the Michelin LTX A/T2 is probably the most comfortable A/T tires we tested in a while. Michelin engineered this tire to provide even wear, better fuel economy, and relentless all-weather traction even over light snow. It’s also constructed from an advanced light truck rubber compound to survive the punishing demands of commercial applications. In short, it’s the only tire you’ll ever need in your daily driven Tacoma.

The Michelin LTC A/T2 is equipped with independent tread blocks. Featuring Michelin’s exclusive Biting Edges tread design, it enhances traction and grip over wet grass, gravel, mud, dirt, snow, or smooth tarmac. It also has an optimized footprint to provide miles upon miles of quiet and comfortable performance with reduced vibrations as well. It’s not hard to love these Michelins, but the price may offend thrifty buyers looking for better value.


  • Superior highway comfort
  • Smooth and quiet ride
  • Relentless traction and grip on a variety of surfaces
  • Semi-rugged design
  • Great for mild to moderate off-roading


  • It’s an expensive option

5. Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus

Best Tires for Toyota Tacoma

The Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus is another favorite. We like the fact it offers lasting comfort and road silence. We also love how this tire looks. The asymmetric tread design will definitely give your Tacoma a premium and sporting vibe. Best of all, the Pirelli Scorpion Verde is a green tire. It’s a low rolling resistance touring tire that enhances fuel economy while also reducing CO2 emissions. 

Pirelli utilized a silica-enhanced tread compound with an optimized rubber-to-void ratio and uniform contact patch. This enables the rubber to offer better handling, longer wear, and silent performance. And despite the sporty appearance, this tire is capable of rolling over light snow, mud, or loose surfaces without losing grip. The tire has four circumferential grooves and high-density sipes to enhance wet and snow traction. But it really excels when rolling over smooth, dry surfaces.

And if you do, the Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus will naturally oblige with its sporty and smooth performance mile after mile. If your Tacoma’s natural habitat is within the confines of cities and highways, you’ll love the all-weather comfort of the Pirelli Scorpion Verde. Best of all, it’s also one of the lowest-priced tires in this list and is the cheapest OEM option we can find right now.


  • Clean and sporty design
  • All-weather traction and grip
  • Good for light snow applications
  • Comfortable and silent ride
  • Aggressive handling
  • Green construction
  • Friendly price


  • Minor issues with tread wear

6. Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max

Best Tires for Toyota Tacoma

Goodyear’s Assurance CS Fuel Max is also a strong contender in the light truck touring category. It’s a tire designed for all-season driving but it’s tough enough to handle a bit of off-roading as well. Similar to the Pirelli, this Goodyear is a low rolling resistance tire. This means better fuel economy, longer wear, and a silent ride. But with a semi-aggressive tread design, it won’t back down when faced with loose roads, light mud, grass, or even gravel.

This tire is unique because it has two tread zones. The inboard and outboard shoulders are called the dry zones. In this zone, you’ll find sturdy shoulder blocks to deliver solid handling, better steering response, and a sportier driving feel. Meanwhile, the center part of the tire is called the wet zone. In this area, you’ll see dual aqua channel grooves to promote wet weather traction. The design also evacuates water from the contact patch to avoid hydroplaning or aquaplaning on smooth roads.

But the clincher here is the ride quality. The Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max is also the smoothest and most comfortable light truck tire for below $170 each. Not all Tacomas deserve a chunky set of all-terrain tires. If your truck is a city dweller, you can’t go wrong with Goodyear’s Assurance CS Fuel Max.


  • Comfortable highway ride
  • Smooth and silent cruising
  • Longer wear
  • Better fuel economy
  • Great for light off-roading
  • Affordable price


  • Mediocre over snowy or icy roads

7. Firestone Destination A/T

Best Tires for Toyota Tacoma

Firestone’s Destination A/T is the wildcard in this best OEM tire list. It sits in the middle of the price range but offers the benefits of a more expensive A/T tire. For starters, the Destination A/T is equipped with outlined white letters which improve the rugged looks of any truck, including the Toyota Tacoma. But if you don’t like the look of white letters in the sidewall, Firestone is offering a traditional black wall design as well.

This tire combines the ride quality of H/T tires with the toughness of an A/T tire. It’s constructed from a long-link carbon enhanced tread compound. It offers better pliability for better traction over snowy, icy, or wet roads, but is tough enough to withstand the rigors of off-road driving. The Destination A/T features a symmetric tread design with independent intermediate blocks and a continuous center rib. It also features wrap-around shoulder blocks to combine better highway stability with superior off-road manners.


  • Comfortable and quiet ride
  • All-weather traction and grip
  • Excellent off-road performance
  • Good over snowy or icy pavement
  • Longer wear


  • Still an expensive option

Best Cheap Tires for Toyota Tacoma

Working on a tight budget? Don’t fret. Here are our choices for the best cheap Tacoma tires.

1. Sumitomo Encounter AT

Best Tires for Toyota Tacoma

One of the most popular and most affordable all-terrain tires is Sumitomo’s Encounter AT. And from looking at it alone, you’ll find it hard to believe you’re paying less than $650 for a set of four tires. It has all the hallmarks of what makes an A/T tire great: aggressive looks, chunky treads, and a rugged stance. The Sumitomo Encounter AT is a hybrid A/T tire with the DNA of an H/T tire without costing as much as OEM rubber.

The Sumitomo Encounter AT is designed to perform admirably on any road surface. With an open tread design molded from a durable all-terrain rubber compound, this tire is equipped with the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol (3PMSF) making it a solid and dependable choice for off-road and extreme applications. The shoulders come with zigzag sipes to improve wet and snow traction while the in-block sipes offer better grip on dry and smooth pavement.

It’s hard not to fall head over heels for the Sumitomo Encounter AT. It’s a tough, rugged, and durable tire that rolls as comfortably as a touring tire. And for the price, it’s definitely a win-win.


  • Rugged and chunky style
  • Solid off-road credentials
  • Comfortable and quiet ride
  • Affordable price
  • Superb performance over dry or wet roads
  • Better stability and sporty handling


  • Minor issues with tread wear

2. Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015

Best Tires for Toyota Tacoma

Here’s another brilliant yet affordable all-terrain tire for the Toyota Tacoma: Yokohama’s Gelonadar A/T G015. It belongs in the same price range as the Sumitomo and it also comes with the famed 3PMSF symbol, which means advanced performance over snowy, muddy, or icy roads. But with the inherent characteristics of a touring tire, The Geolandar A/T G015 is also a smooth and silent performance over tarmac. 

The Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 is constructed using a triple polymer tread compound. The symmetric tread design is accompanied by an optimized tread pattern with deep, circumferential grooves. The tire also has 3D sipes and lug grooves to offer more biting edges when clawing over muddy, snowy, or loose surfaces. It’s a rugged tire for off-road driving, but it also happens to roll silently for a more comfortable ride over smooth road surfaces.

Yokohama’s Geolandar A/T G015 is a compelling choice. We never thought the day will come when A/T tires are as good and multi-talented as this.


  • Rugged style
  • Awesome performance over dry and wet pavement
  • Extremely capable off-road traction and grip
  • Comfortable and quiet ride
  • Sporty handling
  • Affordable price


  • Only good for light to moderate off-roading

3. Hankook Dynapro AT-M

Best Tires for Toyota Tacoma

The Hankook Dynapro AT-M is a premium all-terrain light truck tire for on/off-road applications. It also belongs in the same price range as the Sumitomo and Yokohama, and yet it offers superior all-weather traction and impressive off-road credentials. The wraparound tread design enhances the rugged stance of the tire while the symmetric tread design with an enlarged footprint improves surface grip on all types of roads. 

With large independent tread blocks and stone ejectors in the center and shoulder grooves, the Hankook Dynapro AT-M inspires confidence when tackling harsh off-road terrain. But the tiered side grooves and scallops between the tread blocks provide the necessary biting edges to lord it over inhospitable dirt roads.

What we really like about the Hankook Dynapro AT-M is the refinement. It may have chunky and rugged tread blocks, but it manages to deliver a smooth and quiet ride on the highway.


  • Rugged off-road styling
  • Superior grip on various road surfaces
  • Impressive off-road performance
  • Comfortable and silent on the highway
  • Steady handling
  • Affordable price


  • Minor gripes with tread wear

4. Firestone Destination LE2

Firestone Destination LE2 Review

The Firestone Destination LE2 is among the lowest-priced Tacoma tires in our list. You can have a new set of four tires for less around $560, and that’s good value in the confusing world of light truck tires. However, Firestone’s Destination LE2 is an all-season light truck tire designed for highway use. It’s not an off-road tire by any means, but having all-season capabilities means the ability to handle light snow. 

The Destination LE2 is molded using a silica-enhanced light truck rubber compound. The symmetric tread design is optimized to improve grip over dry, wet, and icy roads. The tire has notched shoulder blocks and continuous ribs to promote sportier handling, even wear, and better fuel economy. It also has sweeping and circumferential grooves to maintain consistent levels of grip in the wettest, slickest, and most slippery roads.

In fact, the Firestone Destination LE2 offers terrific value for money. But then again, if your Toyota Tacoma is driven mostly over a varied mixture of tarmac and loose roads, you’re better off with the Sumitomo, Hankook, or Yokohama.

But if your truck is a true city-dweller, it’s hard to find a better deal than Firestone’s Destination LE2.


  • Sporty handling
  • Smooth, comfortable, and quiet ride
  • Good for light to moderate off-roading
  • Consistent grip over snowy or loose surfaces
  • Friendly low price


  • Not much


Choosing the best tires for Toyota Tacoma depends on your driving habits and lifestyle. All-terrain tires are the best choice for adventure seekers, weekend warriors, or active individuals who do a lot of off-roading in their truck. The same holds true if your Tacoma is a dependable and trusted steed in the farm.

But if your Tacoma is mostly used as a daily driver, you’ll enjoy a more comfortable and quieter ride with light truck touring tires. Choose wisely to get the most benefits for your hard-earned money.

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